Most people do not fail at Finance because they act like Floyd Mayweather [Applause] Money Mayweather you’re not buying Richards and doing stupid stuff right [Music] You’re not dude how many of you do not do stupid stuff with your money let me just say a hand if you don’t do stupid stuff like every once in a while maybe okay.

But you’re like not a stupid person raise your hand good so why are you failing the money if you’re not doing stupid stuff dude you don’t make enough money you just don’t make enough money and in your financial problems or their financial problems everybody ends up with this problem and you can do something about it.

What I’m going to share with you over the next three days is something I’ve discovered that works in a business seven seven-eight years ago my company was making three million bucks a year and dude we were fighting like every day we were fighting to make three million bucks we’ll crack 150 million dollars this year that is 50 50. yeah thank you very much I like that’s 50x okay without borrowing money

No borrowing money no connections Fred Trump was not my father okay I wish Fred would have been my father I got to tell you man I’d love a Kickstart like that right I didn’t have my dad died when I was 10 years old somebody accused me the other day like oh you’re dead your dad gave you a lift my dad was 10 dude my dad never picked me up Okay so when I say 10x and people are like I

Can’t 10x my business I 50x my business in seven years okay now I made the mistake in my career Jared Jared talked about this it was I got I didn’t get the engagement right first I was always engaged I was I’ve been again I’ve been like I’ve been hungry the whole time how many hungry in the room I mean I’ve been hungry the whole time I just hadn’t been hungry enough

I should have I should have been thinking about how do I get thousands of people working for me and how do I get millions of people to know me I didn’t know that that’s what I was supposed to be doing I was too worried about selling him one product so I could get the money because I was brought up and we didn’t have anything so for me just to get 200 bucks I was just doing get 200 bucks over and over and over again I never thought about

Scaling and saying hey how could I get millions of people to go get 200 bucks and I get a little piece of it I didn’t understand the scale I didn’t understand 10x 10x was written for me it wasn’t written for you 10x just solve some of my problems okay I’ve been in business 30 years it’s only the last seven that changed my life it wasn’t the first 23. that’s not uncommon by the way okay how old is Amazon

25 years old you would think they’re six or seven years old okay when I heard they were 25 years old I’m like I cannot believe that that means that guy ground that thing out for 18 years and the engagement if you’re going to scale you’re gonna get frustrated you can’t find the good people come here they don’t really want to work here how many of you.

In the room respond to resumes people sent you a resume I want to work for you you call them back they’re like who are you right their problem is your problem everybody agrees their problems are an extension of your problems if they can’t make this if you can’t make the sale they’re not going to be able to make the sale if you don’t understand advertising and marketing

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They’re not going to be able to do it correctly if you don’t understand the accounting department they how can they possibly understand the accounting department I just always believe this I can do something about this I can do something about this situation there’s something I can do to solve this problem thank you [Music]