Today I want to talk to you about financial offense I just finished watching Brazil beat uh Costa Rica seven minutes into the deal I’m like there’s no way Costa Rica wins this okay uh 48 minutes there is it’s going to be impossible it was still zero it would be impossible for Costa Rica to win even though the refs and by the way

This is all about life right here right now even though the refs were making consistently bad calls against Brazil I knew that Costa Rica would win how do I know that even though the calls were bad okay 90 minutes into the game I am still confident I think it was 88 minutes into the game zero I become more and more confident that Brazil will beat Costa Rica

Escorted up 2-0 Brazil why was I right Brazil was on offense the entire game so I know a lot of you guys uh in America don’t like uh hockey or soccer because you’re like it is just too slow dude it’s too slow to do the games unbelievable okay terrible game if you’re not on offense same thing with money if you want money you have to get on offense okay, I was brought up to stay on defense

In my finances if you play defense and finances not only will you never have money even if you did have it you would be one of those people that nobody likes you don’t want to be that guy why is it by the way, I was that guy and every time I come to you and talk to you and share with you a show anytime I’m talking to you about anything anytime any of you see me slamming on somebody if you think I’m talking about somebody

Else you’re wrong it’s always me I’m talking about I only share experiences I’ve had I was that guy okay I was the mooch what do you call them again ‘Tacanio’ cheap bastard I was that guy for 20 years because I was playing defense with my finances I was brought up to play defenses with my finances my mother taught me to play defense with my finances you know why because she… did not know how to play offense.

I was watching an old Sugar Ray Leonard uh Roberto Duran fight it was the third time they met Roberto Duran the entire fight all 12 rounds was doing nothing but playing defense you cannot win a boxing match if you’re not on offense you cannot win a soccer game if you’re not on offense and you will not win the finance game playing defense what does defense look like to this guy.

This guy’s saving money Okay he won’t spend money he probably measures Roi on everything he looks at everything from what’s the return going to be and what’s the deal gonna be. These are Mistakes by the way.

The book The Millionaire Next Door, misguided hundreds of millions of people to save their way to being millionaires folks, you don’t want to be a millionaire okay and you don’t want to save your way to get there because the millionaire that saves their money and won’t spend their money is not even using the money for the very purpose it was created, money is to be used not stored Okay.

The reason I’m having financial success in my life today is not because I play defense but because I spend my time on offense I wake up in the morning with a goal 

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  • Hey what is my financial target today 
  • two the rest of the day I spend saying who’s got my money
  •  I invest my money okay. 

We have seven businesses here today, I have one of these seven businesses that will make me more money for the next hundred years than the other six combined did in their entire career why because it’s indestructible well [Music] oh