Hey a little trick hope you’re doing well I don’t want to work out today came in here literally seven minutes ago like I don’t want to do this I had to drag myself in there I actually found myself in here by accident look if you’re waking up today and you’re not feeling it I’m not talking about workouts either whatever it is going to work making the call

Cleaning up something that you had to clean up handling some problem that you have and you’re waking up feeling a little depressed kind of down uh you know what I’m talking about just don’t quite feel it everybody expects me to be up all the time thinks I’m supposed to you know be Mr 10x Mr 100 percent every day that is

Never the case never so look if you run into this channel for the first time subscribe to it I’m going to share three things that I do to get me through this and make sure you comment or like I’m building this channel out I spent the last 10 years building out with content material of things that I’m discovering in my life and in my business

In hopes that it will help people and I don’t have all the right answers I just want you to know like 40 of the time I’m wrong maybe a little more than that actually even I just got to be right on the big things you know and one thing that has helped me

Whether it was writing a book and finishing it or starting my speaking career when I did it 30 years old I was going door to door to businesses around America for three million miles go to Cydia I was living in Houston at the time in Bel Air Texas and I’d fly to Salt Lake City and I’d call them business owners

I’d set a an event two weeks in advance commit to the hotel fly to Salt Lake City knew no one no one knew me I had no name no books uh there was no social media and I never felt like doing I was scared to death had no clue what I was doing didn’t know who I was calling on don’t even know how much I believed in what I was doing like I did believe in

It but it was like you know I didn’t have any statistics or facts or success stories and regardless of how I felt just like this morning regardless how much doubt there was or uncertainty um fear no matter who you’re watching or who

You’re following whether it’s a political person uh a rapper movie star teacher coach parents I don’t care how much in confidence they put out how much athlete how much confidence or certainly that they push out push out they like to like project

They wake up there’s days they wake up and they don’t feel it they don’t feel it they don’t they don’t want to do it they’re uncertain uh they’re feeling some low-grade depression whatever you want to call it look I woke up like that this morning when got up family’s not here this weekend uh Elena’s got the kids she’s teaching them how to shoot guns this weekend and I’m here by myself so I’m waking up

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This morning like I don’t want to work out I missed yesterday I’m not feeling it so what do you do what do you guys do when you don’t feel it so this is what I do I just get a little closer this is what I do I get a little closer just like I did when I was 30 years old starting my speaking career never thought I’d be one of the top considered

One of the top two or three speakers in the world when I was 30 years old I wanted that but I didn’t know how I was going to get to that and what I did was when I was having to fly to these cities Salt Lake City Winnipeg Saskatoon Toronto uh Vancouver Chicago New York like I had never even been to these places I was literally flying to cities for the first time in my entire career didn’t know the language didn’t know the the culture

Didn’t know how they they those little changes and that happened between Toronto and New York New York and Chicago Chicago and Dallas and Dallas and Salt Lake Salt Lake and L.A those are all very very different markets and different people and different thinking and I was terrified okay I’m doing this today to tell you I was terrified I was so scared most of the time that it felt like not fear it felt like depression like I wanted to take the the sheets

Just pull them over my head so what I did to conquer that to handle that I literally would just get a little closer I’d get myself a little closer to the action like this morning I just got close to the gym I actually went and walked by the pool I have a pool in the same spot that we have a gym on the second floor here and I walked out there and as I passed the gym because they’re still doing the social distancing

here um there was nobody in here I’m like okay there’s nobody in here it’s Hassan I’m gonna go in there and work out okay so number one just try getting a little closer to the action hope that helps you just get a little closer you don’t have to commit to doing it completely just get closer to it I came down here dressed uh put that I put that on before I left so I was ready so I got a little

Closer second thing do if it calls you do it anyway you know I coined this phrase years ago do it anyway a buddy of mine about the same time I was starting my business I was having a lot of problems in my life I was probably it was before I started my business I was still in Houston Texas I was going through tremendous tremendous amounts of uncertainty doubt about myself I was in

A transition a career transition and just lost a job starting my deal and I went one year one year without working I’ve never ever shared this before one year and I did not I mean I had a little bit of money saved and I was going through it I didn’t I didn’t literally I looked like I was working every day but in truth I was not working my twin brother actually knew that and finally confronted me and that’s what

Got me off my ass but this guy told me he’s like look you wake up in the morning and no matter what you’re feeling no matter how much you hurt if your eyes are bleeding do it anyway and that has stuck with me now for 30 27 28 years do it anyway no matter how it feels do it anyway so number one get a little closer number two do it anyway and then number three okay regardless of the outcome of what you did when you

Showed up to present make that phone call uh go to the workout once you get in there come on man put all you put out put give it give it the best shots you got once you’re in there once you’re in there once you get going just start moving in that direction like I just went and jumped on that thing for three minutes the next thing you know I’m like hey I’m glad I’m in here so third thing once you get in there go all the way okay I’m gonna do that right now God

Bless you hope you’re doing well hope you’re finding greatness in your life struggle through push through remember just get a little closer to do it anyway three once you get in there put you back into it put your ass into it put your head into it just get into it because it’s probably going to be easier once you show up uh to do that than if you had it if you get to number three and you’re having struggles remember when you leave at

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Least you showed up at least you gave it something and then do that again tomorrow okay God bless be great tonight’s everything