Building a WhatsApp chatbot with Landbot is very simple Heads up! In this video we will achieve two things: First, we will create a WhatsApp chatbot together and second, we will test it on our mobile device using WhatsApp. Building with Landbot has benefits that no other WhatsApp automation tool provides you don’t need an official WhatsApp Business API account to build and test your bot along with this video. All you need is a Landbot-free account and your phone number linked to WhatsApp. So by the end of this video, you will be able to build your own WhatsApp chatbot and try it on your phone. Let’s build your first WhatsApp chatbot with Landbot. Once inside your dashboard go to the top right corner where it says to build a chatbot, select WhatsApp Landbot provides you the flexibility to go live with a ready-to-use template or build your bot flow from scratch. If you feel adventurous and want to start from scratch you’ll have a blank canvas with just the welcome message block. However, for this video, we want to create

A bot that registers visitors to a new year’s eve party in Berlin. To speed up our development we’ll quickly start with a template and customize it as per our requirements. Let’s choose the event registration template from the library. Landbot’s visual builder allows you to drag and drop blocks in this canvas, and customize your chatbots and the overall flow of the bot conversation this chatbot conversation starts with a welcome message, it then asks the user if they are interested to know the secret location of the new year’s eve party, depending on the answer the conversation will take a different path. This is checked with the keyword jump block so if the user types either yes or numeric 1, the flow will follow the corresponding path same with the no path if the user types something different, an error message will show up to guide the user on what the answer should be to follow the conversation. Now, since my new year’s eve party will be in Berlin, we need to change the text at the beginning and end and change the image.

I’ll copy the link from this one in Google and paste it here. Great! Up in the left corner, you’ll see this arrow which is where you can find all the available power-ups and blocks that boost interactivity and personalization in your WhatsApp bots. So, let’s boost our users experience by adding clickable buttons to this WhatsApp conversation we will replace the yes-no question block with the newly launched reply buttons block. Now we’ll paste this same text and add the yes and no buttons when happy with the first draft of the bot click on save and publish. Now we’ll move to test our bot on WhatsApp to experience how the conversation flows and feels on mobile for our users Up in the right corner when we click on the preview button a message pops up which says that we need to link the bot with a WhatsApp testing channel. Here just click on go to channels and then try it for free. Now let’s add a channel name and the phone number we want to test our bot with remember to add the country code before the corresponding phone number once done, click on confirm. Great! Now, let’s link the bot we created earlier and click on.

Modify. Here comes the fun part, to test it you can scan the QR code with your phone or use WhatsApp web on your computer. Once scanned you will access the Landbot testing environment. To start the conversation we’ll need to send a message to trigger the chatbot and then, the bots flow will start. Here we’ll press on yes. I’ll type my full name and email And that’s it! Now, we’ll go to the analyze section of this bot, this is where you will find all the user data that we captured and the chats metrics. If you go to users we will find all the information I just typed with my phone. By clicking on raw data export we will receive an email with a CSV file with all the information below. We can also send this data to other applications directly by using native integrations or webhooks. You can find a video about it up in the right corner now or in the Landbot Academy. So, with this quick video we achieved two things How to create a Whatsapp chatbot with Landbot, and how to test it in WhatsApp the complexity and length of your chatbot depends on your use case and how you wish to talk to.

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