Real Estate Investors all of you that are out there interested in the real estate space flippers wholesalers Brokers agents investors sellers and buyers this real estate market I believe is about to open up to the greatest opportunity of my entire life as many of you know Grant Cardone I’ve been investing in real estate for 35 years we have 4.1 billion dollars worth of Real Estate


Under control right now 25 000 apartments under management and I truly believe with what’s going on the banks I’m in Phoenix Arizona today Scottsdale actually and you can see all this beautiful real estate behind me it’s just you know over the last 50 years real estate has been proven to be an asset class that when done at the right time at the right price with the right debt and the right business plan real estate has always benefited


From the craziness in the marketplace you got Banks failing right now or failing you got money moving from checking and savings accounts into the big Banks and you have office retail apartment portfolios that are under stress this weekend Friday Saturday Sunday come to spend time with me in Miami if you’d like to they’ll put a link below make the time to do it it’s going to be a game changer promise you this could be


The opportunity of your lifetime to start investing in real assets you Bitcoin people out there that are so interested in real estate I know you are because you like the cash flows you like the appreciation you like the depreciation none of which you get from Bitcoin certainly you get possible appreciation but no cash flow no depreciation and you don’t get those big tax write-offs that come in real estate


Because of what is going on in the marketplace right now at an Institutional level this is going to be if you go back to 2008 9-10 when there was the mortgage debacle what happened with real estate is real estate some of that real estate got cut by 30 and 40 and 50 percent if you would have bought that real estate in 2010 you would be so wealthy today you would be like laughing you’d be like

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This is crazy I can’t believe it now remember what happened back then nobody wanted to touch anything this is when I made the biggest move of my lifetime I went from 200 units to 12 000 units I exceeded what I thought I could do okay because I started figuring out how to put deals together what kind of real estate will always attract debt good debt and equity


It’s not that I know how to increase the amount of money I had what I had I increased the amount of understanding I had about real estate itself about what kind of real estate Goods good debt even when the banks are having problems what kind of real estate can you buy today is it single-family duplexes fourplexes 6 8 12 24 is at the office is it retail we’re going to be discussing all that this weekend I’m going to fill a room up


With about 800 Real Estate Investors sellers buyers Brokers everybody will be in the room if you have ever wanted to learn this game my guys are going to put a link below it’s a five thousand dollar seat for ninety percent off I would love for you to make the time to come down and grab a seat and sit in the room Friday Saturday Sunday I’m going to simplify this thing so that we can either do it together


Or you can go do it on your own or you can do both okay this real estate right here like Phoenix is going to be one of the great marketplaces that benefit Orlando Tampa Miami Houston Austin San Antonio Salt Lake City I’ll just go across a list of places that are going to do well um Denver Denver is going to be phenomenal a Minneapolis okay Kansas City Atlanta Georgia parts of Atlanta Georgia some parts you want to stay away


From uh the Carolinas North and South are going to benefit Savannah Georgia will be a huge beneficiary but when I say these cities and you’re like yeah I live there I can make a play there yeah but you got to be careful about what parts of that market like there are five major markets in Atlanta three of them are gold mines two of them are landmines same thing to be said about the phoenixes or Arizona’s excuse me uh

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You guys that are in liberal states blue States New York New Jersey Illinois California those are still plays but you got to be careful again okay there are certain things you need to be looking for so I’m going to be sharing and you can do this now you can do it without me if you want to you can figure out how to learn in a six-minute video go get it but I’m gonna spend three days breaking down exactly how big a property how big a loan where


And who will give you that loan how to buy the deal exactly what price you can pay to make sure that every single deal you do should make you a million dollars you should not do a deal any deal that does not put a million dollars on your board okay and you should never do a deal that you could lose in the future now there’s going to be a bunch of losers and you’re going to take advantage of those losers that put on too much debt


Pay too much at the wrong time paid the wrong price didn’t execute their business plan I’ll be going over all this where to find it how to buy it what to pay for it how to fund it how to raise money for it if you guys are interested in real estate because this game is going to win every 10 years real estate explodes you just got to wait through the cycle so get involved in this game okay whether you do this with me or do it on your own


Get involved in this game and learn about this game there are a lot of great people out there teaching about real estate we’re going to be doing it this Friday Saturday Sunday in Miami the room’s going to be full of great people if you can make it down if you’re committed to putting real estate in your portfolio and you want to use or have been interested in using real estate as a great hedge against inflation a great hedge against the the the criminal Mafia


Group the IRS and you’re tired of overpaying your taxes and you want to start getting cash flow passive income man make it a point to come down here that is the benefits of real estate cash flow depreciation tax write-offs appreciation Capital preservation okay that is you, nobody can steal my buildings from it they can’t just take a building certainly somebody can mess up the carpets but they can’t take the whole building somebody could not pay

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Their rent for one month but they can’t take my whole building is a phenomenal way to build wealth long term anybody can do it you can do it you don’t need money you don’t need credit but you do need an education okay I’ll see you guys this weekend if you can make it down [Music] thank you [Music] Foreign.