Are you looking to invest your capital but unsure of what to look for in a market or a property? Look no further as we have the insights of Oscar from Columbus, Ohio for you.

In this video Grant Cardone from Columbus Ohio knows a thing or two about investing and says there are a few things he looks for when investing his capital. The first thing he looks for is the cash flow a property can generate, also called Return On Investment (ROI) or Cash Flow. He believes that the cash flow generated from a property is more critical than the terms made up by the industry.

One reason why generating cash flow is important when investing, according to Grant Cardone, is to preserve capital. If you are given a large sum of money as an inheritance or from a business venture, preserving that amount is the key. If you keep that sum of money, it will get taxed – causing depreciation to it.

To solve this issue, Grant Cardone recommends converting paper to buildings. He has a personal rule that he never converts paper to more paper. Moreover, he would rather convert it to cryptocurrency like Bitcoin before converting it back to dollars or treasury bills. Grant Cardone has been fascinated with the potential of blockchain technology, and he believes in it more than the treasury department.

Finally, when it comes to investments, he has two criteria. The first is to protect your capital, and the second is to generate cash flow. These are the basics of investment that you need to do long-term planning.

In conclusion, Oscar believes that generating cash flow is critical when it comes to investing your capital. He also advises future investors to follow his criteria of protecting their capital and generating cash flow when making investment decisions. Now that you know the basics, we hope that you can make informed decisions while investing your hard-earned money.

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