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I’m going to discuss a few topics from our recent webinars quickly. There are three interconnected ideas that I don’t want new insurance agents to struggle with – objecting – and so, I’m giving out a simplified process called the three A’s that anyone can use to practice and get results.

Agreeing is the key to winning customers over any objection they may have. It would be wonderful to come out of this knowing proper steps on how to combat refusal.  You should always agree when potential clients express hesitation or lack of interest– don’t be combative.

That’s uncomfortable, so that doesn’t work either. Alright, so first step; Ideally, you don’t fully confirm to the other person immediately, but instead understand where they’re coming from and you are near a sale point. Who is managing to get close the sale? Okay now at first step allow that they told you they are not interested yet showing gratitude to them like saying ‘Thanks for expressing’ second, Agree with their argument/ rejection after listen and ask questions at the same time.

I assert that posing a rhetorical question to someone is an effective technique. It makes the other person feel compelled to respond in kind, since answering is the natural response we all have towards questions. In regards to foot objections, this strategy can be used on the phone call because it works well and keeps things conversational on both sides.

Interested absolutely thank you for sharing that it’s my job just drop off the information it still up to you with what you do with it so should I drop this thing off what do you think in the morning or in the afternoon which is better does that help who does that help already right we’re all about delivering value and I want to do it right off the bat on

Day two agree answer and ask someone shout out an objection already got insurance excellent it’s not my job to come and change everything just my job to deliver the important information that you’re wanting so I’m gonna be there on Thursday his morning or afternoon better for you okay who’s next is this free thank you so much for asking that great question Social Security provides $285 double final expenses the information is

Free for me to come out free and it’s my job to get you support information because I’m the local field underwriter I’ll be there Friday should we just hang out in the morning or afternoon when should I drop this off who’s next I need to think about it oh and you know what let’s use this at the end of the appointment how about that right who’s ever gotten I want to think about it I want you to call me back I wasn’t planning on using this one but

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This one’s good you ready I’ve got two variations I learned this from Brian Tracy the art of closing the cell about a decade ago I was listening his audio book again the art of closing the cell by Brian Tracy I was listening to his audiobook as a new agent every single day because I had zero sales experience no clue what I was doing I was good at being personable warm people up I learned that was important but I’ve got a no call back clothes that I learned

From him that I use every time someone wants to think about it every time someone wants me to call him back and you can use it to Eric’s user am i right so when someone because when Brian Tracy’s audiobook he says that he would go around to all these homes as a new salesperson and he had all these people saying Ernesto I want to think about it man I want you to call me back I’m not sure I’m not ready and before you knew he had

Like 4050 people thinking about it he thought that everybody’s gonna call him back everyone’s gonna bite he’s gonna fall this business he wouldn’t know what to do with it maybe ever felt that way it doesn’t work that way in case you were wondering okay he quickly learned that when he got I want to think about it 72 times and that no one called him back that I want to think about it and I want

You to call me back is polite customers speak for goodbye forever we will never meet again who feels that way then stop listening to it I also believe and I’m gonna give you the actual close in a second I also believe that how you make decisions is how your prospect will make decisions to you if you make decisions quickly if you don’t believe income people back you don’t believe in thinking about it and you believe in I’m either doing it or I’m not and I’m being

Honest with the person and I’m talking about it right now I don’t think about stuff if I want a car my wife rolled up a she surprised me with the Jaguar convertible a few months ago a couple weeks ago whatever and the guy rolls up and I test drive it I’m like okay you guys want I don’t know 36,000 I’ll give you a 32,000 if you can you know get it done today he’s like I would probably can’t do that well that’s fine I don’t need the car then right I make decisions

Instantly there’s no reason to waste people’s time but because I buy that way I expect others to buy that way and they can sense it and they can feel it so if you’re someone that deep down thinks about stuff and wants people to call you back and you want people to think about it right and you want to think about it then that’s probably the main reason you’re getting that objection because I don’t get it as much anymore think about that it’s a hard truth but it’s true

Okay so Brian Tracy he had all these people saying I want to think about it and he finally got fed up with it who’s fed up with I want to think about I want you coming back dude I’m with you so he finally said you ready he finally says he’s good now he finally said this is the no callback close and I’ve got an aggressive version and a non aggressive version that a lot of you have heard before he simply says with this no callback close I understand that

You want to think about it unfortunately I have a no callback policy you have everything you need to make an informed decision today why don’t you just take it he tried that on his first appointment after getting about 40 people said he was gonna think about it and they said well if I can’t think about it then I guess I got to do it so I’m sitting with a agent in Nangal missouri several years ago and we’re sitting with Miss Mary was her name

Really was and she said $300 a month sell we’re about to close a $300 a month sale when I get in front of big sales I’m definitely not letting those go most agents when someone it’s a big sell most agents retract because I don’t want to screw this up this is big I don’t want to get in the way I don’t want to tick them off right when I get a chance to close a big sell I get more aggressive I move in harder I don’t retract I was with an agent and

This lady Mary we were talking through the options the benefits the options this is a big decision I want to think about it and I said exactly what Brian Tracy said absolutely I totally understand unfortunate have a no callback policy you have all the information you need to make an informed decision today we get along great it’s saving you money it’s giving you more coverage and it’s putting some cash back in your pocket obviously you should do

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This why don’t you go ahead and take it and guess what she said you want to know she said if I can’t think about it that I have to guess I have to do it and she did that’s the non aggressive version who wants the aggressive version are you guys aggressive or not I know Ryan and the 10x hats aggressive all right you ready okay here’s the aggressive version because at the end of the day we’re helping people right like I talk about

It all the time and I tell agents who help a prospect more the person that sold them 5,000 or the person that sold them 15,000 but wallet I’ll just want to sell with their own wallet we want to we think we’re helping them by not proposing something that they should be doing that they need and their family needs when they pass away which agent was more helpful to that family now I’m not saying you over sell them stuff I’m saying you sell people stuff they can

Afford but I’m saying you do the right thing because I believe and I’m so sold on what we do that we are one of the biggest helper professions in the world as Frank Miceli said last year I truly truly believe that Sears the aggressive version you ready I want to think about it all at once on the count of three say I want to think about it one two three I want to think about it I completely understand I have a unfortunately I have a personal no

Callback policy and the reason that is is I’ve had people tell me they want to think about it six months go by they don’t actually think about it they pass away and guess who their family blames for not helping them do what they should have done from the very beginning I’m not gonna let that happen we get along great you need it you want it you can afford it let’s see if we can get you approved what’s your full legal name

Right who’s ready for that one show of hands who’s gonna try that you guys are aggressive I love it all right so there’s objections I got a couple more minutes and I want to move I want to move into a couple other things really quick I want to move into some phone tips who want some phone tips really quick if you like that you’ll love this two hands I love it she’s really ready okay phone tips I got five of them really

Quick the first one always assume the right person answered the phone we are trained to do this hello I’m looking for Betty hello is this Betty are you Betty I’m trying to reach Betty hey fill out the information you know it’s them which is which is better hello I’m looking for Betty hey Betty have you ever had a telemarketer call you and you see who’s honest if you ever had a telemarketer call you and they’ve said looking for Kody

No you have the wrong number show of hands who’s done that yeah me too okay at least we’re honest about it okay so why do we do the same thing which one’s more likely to get the proper response and get lied to less often people don’t want sales people call it um that’s normal it’s human nature I don’t care if they felt information or not they’re still a lead but a lot of leads don’t get sold because agents do not know how to work them

I truly believe I can receive any batch of leads I don’t care where it’s from who created it and I can get a return on that batch of leads I’m that confident in my ability you need to be that confident in your ability so hello Betty okay second tip I only use my first name I don’t use last name nobody cares they’re gonna forget I don’t use company name because when I

Use company name and I say well hey I’m with you know the 8% Dallas agency office well who is that I don’t it gives them a chance to interject it gives them a chance to interrupt it gives them a chance to take control the conversation to ask a question is that good no it ain’t good at all it’s my phone call we’re in control we called them they didn’t call me so I don’t use it Betty this is Cody everybody can do that right third thing I don’t ask how are

You we don’t even care yet oh we don’t we really don’t I sent it on a YouTube video one time and a dude comment and I care about everyone you’ve been on the phone I’m like eight seconds max right and I’m doing horrible day why are you calling me that doesn’t help the start the call does it I don’t ask how are you I ask questions I know I’m gonna get the answer to I ask questions that are given gonna give me the right answer okay and that one I don’t have control over I

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Also don’t pause here’s the number one issue that agents struggle with I’m gonna give you the example of the wrong call not in this room because you guys are forward thinkers but if I was in another conference most insurance agents if I passed out leads to ten people eight or nine would say this and after I say it you’re gonna throw up in your mouth okay hello I’m looking for Betty hey Betty this is Cody Asche ins with the 8% Insurance office how are you

Doing today yeah Betty you you went online and fill out a form saying you wanted to quote to buy life insurance and then we pause the pause is the killer of the call because guess what it is that it is because guess what happens when you pulse what happens help me out lose control they give you an objection they say something they don’t even mean dude I’m not interested what they’re really said is you have no game on the

Phone you gotta some of your game to get in front of me right so why do we pause it’s cuz we maybe we don’t know any better maybe maybe somebody hasn’t showed us maybe somebody hasn’t trained us don’t pause instead I always finish with a question that’s the fifth tip I always finished with a question 100% of time okay I’ll use Medicare for example this is Cody I also love this phrase I’m getting back to you sounds better than you did this sounds like I’m yelling to

Somebody I’m getting back to you about your request for the new Medicare information now I’m the local field underwriter should I drop this information off in the morning or in the afternoon or I’m looking for the underwriter I’ll be out in your area Nate on Friday is morning or afternoon better who’s in control of the call who has a better chance of getting the response that you should get so why don’t we do it that way