Hi there, my name is Abigail, and I wanted to share with you a transcript of a video that I watched recently. The video featured a conversation with a 21-year-old Israeli woman who was interested in real estate and wanted to learn from a successful entrepreneur. The conversation was full of valuable insights that I think you’ll find interesting, so let’s dive in.

The conversation started with the young woman introducing herself and expressing her excitement about talking to the entrepreneur. She explained that she came from an entrepreneurial family and was keen to learn more about real estate. She also thanked the entrepreneur for being an inspiration to her and normalizing big numbers like 65 million and 200 units.

The young woman then asked the entrepreneur how she could shadow her and learn from her. The entrepreneur suggested that she could join her mastermind group, but the young woman hesitated, and the entrepreneur questioned why. She explained that it wasn’t about the entrepreneur, but about the young woman’s own doubts and fears. She encouraged the audience to believe in themselves and take action to pursue their dreams.

The conversation then took an interesting turn as the entrepreneur shared her own struggles when she was 21 years old. She talked about how she was using drugs and was a wreck, which was a stark contrast to the young woman who was focused on her goals and eager to learn. The entrepreneur then encouraged the audience to study successful people and learn from them. She emphasized the importance of going deep on one person and not just looking at everything that comes your way.

The conversation wrapped up with the young woman asking the entrepreneur for one lesson that she could take away. The entrepreneur suggested that even if you can’t get a seat at the table, you should serve water. She explained that you should do whatever it takes to get close to the action and learn from those who are successful. She also talked about the importance of money and how it can give you the freedom to pursue your dreams.

Overall, this conversation was a great reminder that we should believe in ourselves and take action to pursue our dreams. Whether you’re interested in real estate or any other field, the key is to study successful people and learn from them. And remember, even if you can’t get a seat at the table, you can still serve water and learn from those who are successful.

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