Let me just tell you guys something all right I’m gonna do a little video about exotic cars here before you start getting all oh God damn dude look this is stupid these cars that you’re seeing people by I think 50 Cent got six of them for Christmas or something I got my wife a


Cullinan and I got myself this you know Mayweather goes to choose his Fleet of iron sitting around the Lambos and Ferraris and rolls and maybachs so you guys know. Look this isn’t this this is ridiculous you don’t need to go out and buy these cars, okay this is without a doubt complete waste of money, and unlike some of the people that are out buying because there’s a


A lot of young kids right now thinking oh I’m gonna go buy a Lambo I’m gonna get a Ferrari I’m gonna go buy myself a rolls royce I watched A 24-year-old Kid by Rolls Royce I’m like a man!, that doesn’t even look good on you even if you can’t afford it so this car right here is a lifetime goal and just so you know how I made a decision to buy something this stupid I told myself that if I ever I would never buy cars like this until I had enough free cash flow


Cash flow passive income I would never buy cars like this until I had more passive income than I had earned income number one and number two I would never buy this kind of car unless I could pay for them with one week of passive income so I bought two of them Christmas hey look would you see what you see right here is completely ridiculous but


Years 35 years of hard work not just hard work but making good decisions and putting the money away and not doing this kind of stuff put all this stuff off don’t do this right now okay pay the price right now work hard get great at your job get great at whatever you do so good that people are like man you’re the best well who are you what are you on they start asking questions about what makes you so unique

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Then you’re going to start getting paid more there’s no way on this planet that if people don’t if people start talking about how exceptional you are you will get paid more at some point when you do take that money and invest it in something where you can’t lose it where it pays you every month and one day in the future it’ll be worth more than it is today it might take 10 years 15 years 20 years I’m just starting to enjoy my life


A lot of hard work man was leaving my building today and the guy said to me you’re to add the cullinan have Atlanta driving up and add that to the story all right I’m leaving my office day and God said to me he said man you killing me man killing it it’s a dude this 30 years 30 years of freaking work I came to see uh yeah who was this player you know out in the parking lot


Here video about uh uh that is ridiculous I’m shooting a video about why people should never buy these kind of cars guys I’m telling you please hey I mean you know you when I first met you you had all this money and and dude you didn’t know that dude don’t don’t you you know you want a nice car there’s so many nice cars out there there’s a


Thousand nice like so many nice cars and they got great deals on them and you should lease your cars by the way you should at least all your cars unless you figure out some kind of scheme that I the IRS is offering on equipment where you can write off the whole thing like I paid cash from my wife’s cullinan because what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna wrap it in 10x and I’m gonna use it as a promotion I’m gonna whack off 449 000 on my damn IRS form and I’m gonna see if I


Can pull it off I don’t even know if I can huh is this ridiculous so we’re gonna squeeze some more money out of some deals in there let’s do it I’m coming in I’m coming in so look just just a warning just a warning oh I’m sorry I don’t have to reach for the door excuse me excuse me but I’ma tell you something let me tell you what’s worth more than than paying

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For this car showing off in it or having it or getting in it the money man get that money God damn dude I’m telling you get money and start protecting that money to one day you can make that money grow like this car this car could buy a million dollars worth of real estate you don’t want to you don’t want to buy this car right now you want to leverage the money to purchase the real estate so that one day you can the real estate buys the car I didn’t buy the damn car


Trust me thousands of units are paying for this car so I don’t care so buy it you can buy it when it don’t matter when you’re like okay rounding error that was stupid I admit it was stupid right hand in the air swear to God yes I declare myself an igmoranus dumb dumb for buying this car but look I paid the price so that I could don’t be the dumb dumb that hadn’t


Paid the price all right Rolls Royce you did a great job on the dashboard by the way thing is ridiculous you finally cleaned this thing up got us a little carbon fiber okay got the board looking good sound systems awesome you want to hear the sound system let’s do it or will that kill me no way does that kill the video man let me get a little Boss music going on here


It ain’t set up yet though they didn’t set me up I gotta get I gotta get my game set up [Music] ain’t nothing good [Music] oh yeah you want to be the boss you got to pay the invoice [Music]