Football is more than just a game; it’s a passion, a lifestyle, and a universal language that transcends borders. For those who eat, sleep, and breathe football, there’s a way to turn your passion into a rewarding online career. Whether you dream of analyzing matches, sharing opinions, or breaking the latest news, becoming a football blogger or writer might be your ticket to the world of sports journalism. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can kickstart your journey as a football blogger or writer, whether you decide to start your own blog or contribute to existing football websites.

The Power of Football Blogging

Football blogging is a versatile platform that allows you to express your love for the game while reaching a global audience. Here’s why it’s worth considering:

  1. Unleash Your Passion: If you’re a die-hard football fan, this is your canvas to paint your emotions, thoughts, and insights about the beautiful game.
  2. Expertise Development: Blogging hones your analytical skills as you dissect matches, players, and strategies. It pushes you to research, learn, and become a credible source of football knowledge.
  3. Build a Community: Your blog can be a hub for like-minded fans to gather, discuss, and celebrate their favorite teams, players, and moments.
  4. Income Potential: Successful football bloggers often earn through advertising, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing once their audience grows.

Getting Started

Now that you’re convinced of the power of football blogging, let’s explore how to start your own blog or contribute to existing football websites.

Starting Your Own Blog

  1. Select a Niche: Football is vast, so consider focusing on a specific niche, like a particular league, team, or aspect of the game. This narrows your competition and appeals to a targeted audience.
  2. Choose a Blogging Platform: Platforms like WordPress, Blogger, or Wix make it easy to set up a blog. Select one that aligns with your technical skills and customization needs.
  3. Create Quality Content: Write engaging articles, match analyses, opinion pieces, and news updates. Ensure your content is well-researched, insightful, and, most importantly, passionate.
  4. Consistency is Key: Regularly update your blog to keep your audience engaged. Consistency builds trust and encourages readers to return.
  5. Engage with Your Audience: Respond to comments and engage with your readers on social media. Building a community around your blog is essential for its growth.

Contributing to Existing Football Websites

  1. Research Websites: Identify football websites that accept contributions. Major sports websites, fan blogs, and niche platforms are good places to start.
  2. Submit Your Work: Many websites have a submission process. Send in your sample articles or pitches, highlighting your unique perspective and expertise.
  3. Guest Blogging: Consider guest blogging to establish your presence. This allows you to reach a wider audience and build your reputation.
  4. Follow Guidelines: Pay close attention to each website’s guidelines, formatting, and style. Adapt your content to fit their audience and standards.
  5. Networking: Connect with editors and other writers in the field. Networking can open doors to more opportunities and collaborations.

Monetizing Your Blog

While your passion for football drives you, it’s also possible to turn your football blog into a source of income:

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  1. Advertising: As your blog grows, you can earn revenue through ads. Google AdSense and other ad networks can help you get started.
  2. Sponsorships: Brands may approach you for sponsored content or partnerships if your blog has a substantial following.
  3. Affiliate Marketing: Promote football-related products and earn commissions on sales made through your affiliate links.
  4. Sell Merchandise: Design and sell football-related merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, or memorabilia to your audience.
  5. Consulting: Your expertise can extend to consulting, offering services like match analysis or scouting reports.


Becoming a football blogger or writer allows you to share your love for the game with a global audience, while also offering potential income opportunities. Whether you choose to start your own blog or contribute to existing websites, the key lies in your passion, dedication, and the quality of your content. So, lace up your writing boots, grab your favorite team’s jersey, and embark on a thrilling journey through the world of football content creation. Your unique perspective and insights can leave a lasting impact on the football community and connect you with fans worldwide.